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Task management system

A project and task management platform with a data-driven dashboard of various metrics, stats, and insights specific to a particular project, task, and employee.The system consists of two parts: a dashboard for Managers and Professionals. The dashboard for Professionals is based on gamification. By completing tasks assigned to them, users win points. These points can be used to redeem various rewards that are provided by the company. The dashboard for Managers is used for control over all tasks in the company, monitoring employees and their progress.


Mobile assistant for mentally challenged people

An application that is implemented as a tool for demented people. It uses Push notifications and an Alarm service for scheduling users’ obligations. Every user has their own guardian assigned to them. Guardians are responsible for creating and scheduling tasks for the users. Guardians would set up the application environment and create tasks on the dashboard that would be automatically synchronized on a mobile application. A scheduled task will appear at a certain time and the person will get the instruction steps for the task. The application also works in an offline mode.

Sport news app

News application for mobile devices with multiple categories and side menu. The app is using a custom ad management system and Push notifications. The application gained more than 1000 downloads and a 4.9 score out of 5 in the first few months. 

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We invest in education! Our team consists of MSc and Ph.D. engineers from prestigious colleges. We attend conferences, write articles and research papers, and constantly improve ourselves making sure that we are in catch with technology.

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Honesty, loyalty, transparency and responsibility are pillars of our integrity. It’s so important for us to build mutual trust, rely on each other and focus on business objectives.

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Identify the problem, define the value, validate the outcome and then do it again! It’s easy developing with us because we see the big picture, your customers’ opinion is our priority and we enjoy building products that bring smiles to the people!

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Our commitment is shod by discipline and good work ethics. The success of our clients is also our success. We ensure you that your vision is in the hands of experts!

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